INAHTA’s mission is to:

  • Bring leadership and expertise to advance the science, practice and impact of HTA.
  • Enable exchange of knowledge and learning among our members.
  • Support best practice within HTA agencies.
  • Represent the public HTA agency viewpoint on matters of scientific, strategic, and policy importance.


Connecting and empowering HTA agencies to inform better health policy around the globe.

Core Values

Continuous learning

INAHTA Strategic Plan

INAHTA Strategic Plan 2021-2024

How INAHTA Works

INAHTA is a network that connects HTA agencies to each other to support knowledge sharing and the exchange of information, and also to serve as a forum for the identification and promotion of other interests of HTA agencies.  The membership meets each year for a face-to-face meeting that is held adjacent to the HTAi conference. Througout the year, the membership participates in various communities of practice, task groups and/or Board subcommittees to advance the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Network and to deepen collaboration and trust amongst members. The Members of the INAHTA Board are composed of and elected by the membership and Board members stand for 2-year terms. The INAHTA Board is responsible for the development and implementation of the INAHTA Strategic Plan and oversees the work of the task groups, committees and Secretariat.  The Secretariat is currently located at the Institute of Health Economics (IHE), Canada and is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Network.

Dissemination activities

INAHTA’s key communication form is Internet. The INAHTA website and Members-only section include information about on-going activities.

INAHTA Briefs are short 1-page summaries that provide an overview of recently published reports. INAHTA Briefs are published regularly and placed on the INAHTA website as soon as they become available.

INAHTA Checklists are an aid to furthering a consistent and transparent approach to HTA. They also provide information on the purpose, methods, and contents of an HTA report.

INAHTA Impact Reports are a tool for INAHTA members to report on the impact, or influence, of their HTA on health system decision making.

Joint Projects involve the member agencies in collaborative efforts to evaluate medical technologies of mutual interest.

The INAHTA listserv connects all member agencies together and this email list is available to all members to ask questions of each other regarding current and planned HTA projects.  Summaries of listserv querries and responses are available in the INAHTA members area.

Other means of dissemination include participation in international conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and educational activities and seminars.

Current projects

  • Implementation of the INAHTA Strategic Plan 2017-2020.  Strategic plan to include a new governance and organizational structure that includes three strategic goals to deliver value to members, cultivate awareness of INAHTA and build a sustainable network.
  • External partnership development including strengthening links with international and regional organizations (e.g., WHO, EuroScan, EUnetHTA, HTAi, PAHO, G-I-N, HTAsiaLink, RedETSA, and others)
  • Internal communication and enhancing exchange of information amongst INAHTA member agencies
  • Examining the impact and influence of HTA on decision making and health outcomes
  • Education and training
  • Partner in the development of the HTA glossary, a joint project with HTAi, INESSS, AVALIA-T, DIMDI and AHTA.
  • Promotion of INAHTA at international fora to promote the use of HTA in evidence based decision making in health systems.

Future plans

  • Enhance the work of INAHTA’s Board and task groups to achieve the strategic goals of the network
  • Investigate potential and improve existing collaboration with other international organizations
  • Improve our internal communication and sharing of reports
  • Systematically exchange information on the impact of HTA
  • Deliver the INAHTA-WHO Mentorship Program

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