INAHTA position statements focus on general issues, methods, definitions or processes relevant to health technology assessment (HTA) and to HTA agencies.  They are not intended to address specific health technologies or interventions (i.e., if they are effective or not). Position statements are not binding upon members and approval of position statements is not a requirement for membership in INAHTA.  All position statements are agreed by a minimum threshold of 70% of INAHTA members.

INAHTA Position Statement: Disruptive Technologies

Date of release: March 2022 Download position statement

INAHTA Position Statement:  Patient Involvement

Patient involvement is recognised by INAHTA as an important and valuable element in the conduct of Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Date of release:  June 2021  Download position statement

INAHTA Position Statement:  The Uniqueness of INAHTA

INAHTA is the global network of publicly-funded HTA agencies and shall remain as an exclusive and sustainable network of not-for-profit agencies that assess health technologies in support of regional or national governments.

INAHTA Strapline (also referred to as a tagline): Connecting evidence and policy for better health.

Date of release:  February 2020  Download position statement

Proposal of topics for INAHTA Position Statements

Any organization can propose a topic for INAHTA to consider for the formation of a position statement. This would include, for example, INAHTA member agencies, governments, INAHTA’s partner organizations, scientific societies, and patient groups. Interested groups are invited to complete a Topic Proposal Form that can be submitted at any time in the year.

For inquiries about the INAHTA position statements please contact the Secretariat