Strategies for the diffusion and dissemination of health technology assessment (HTA) products (AVALIA-T, Spain)

At present there are many organizations in the world engaged in health technology assessment (HTA) and all produce documents targeted at helping decision-making in the introduction of new technologies and appropriate use of existing technologies. These documents are published in the form of assessment reports (ARs), technical reports (TRs), technological briefing (TBs) and clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), among others. Despite the importance and repercussion of these studies, locating them does not tend to be an easy task due to their not being indexed in traditional bibliographic databases, which is why effective dissemination of such information assumes special relevance.

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CRD’s guidance for undertaking reviews in health care

Systematic Reviews: CRD’s guidance for undertaking reviews in health care provides practical guidance for undertaking evidence synthesis based on a thorough understanding of systematic review methodology. It presents the core principles of systematic reviewing, and in complementary chapters, highlights issues that are specific to reviews of clinical tests, public health interventions, adverse effects, and economic evaluations. The final chapter discusses the incorporation of qualitative research in or alongside effectiveness reviews.

Handbook on Health Technology Assessment Capacity Building – Systems to support Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Member States with limited institutionalization of HTA

This handbook is a main deliverable of Work Package 8 (WP8) of the European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) project and it has been developed by a group of experts that are partners of WP8 and co-ordinated by the Catalan Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Research (CAHTA).

Handbook on HTA Capacity Building

From the ECHTA/ECAHI Summary report

Health technology assessment (HTA) seeks to inform health policy makers by using the best scientific evidence on the medical, social, economic and ethical implications of investments in health care. Technology is broadly defined to include the drugs, devices, medical and surgical procedures used in health care, as well as measures for prevention and rehabilitation of disease, and the organizational and support systems in which health care is provided.

Assessment includes:

  • Identifying evidence, or lack of evidence, on the benefits and costs of health interventions
  • Synthesizing health research findings about the effectiveness of different health interventions
  • Evaluating the economic implications and analyzing cost and cost-effectiveness
  • Appraising social and ethical implications of the diffusion and use of health technologies as well as their organizational implications
  • The HTA process helps identify best practices in health care, thereby enhancing safety, improving quality and saving costs.

ECHTA/ECAHI Executive Summary
Best Practice in Undertaking and Reporting HTAs.
WG4 report in the ECHTA/ECAHI Project. Intl J of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 18:2(2002),361–422.

HTAi Information Resources Vortal

The HTAi Information Resources Vortal comprises a large and growing group of HTA-related web site links organized according to HTA-related subject category. The HTAi Information Resources Group is committed to continuously building on its contents to ensure that this dynamic HTA resource contains the latest information.

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Reports (suggested reading)

This is a list of reports or papers produced by people and agencies in INAHTA, which could be relevant for people interested in HTA.

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