The INAHTA Brief, Checklist and Impact Framework are tools to prepare short abstracts and provide other information on the content and impact of HTA products. These tools are to help facilitate the exchange of information amongst INAHTA members for shared learning and to avoid unnecessary duplication.

INAHTA Brief * Checklist * Impact Framework


The INAHTA Brief series is a mechanism for member agencies to present brief overviews of recently published reports. Briefs are published regularly and placed on the INAHTA website as soon as they become available.  Information presented in the INAHTA Briefs is developed and submitted by the member agencies. This publication series would not be possible without the members’ ongoing commitment and support.

Briefs are linked to the full text report or summary, the CRD-HTA Database record, and a HTA Checklist when details are available. INAHTA members also have access to the impact framework when information to the specific report has been collected.

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Download the INAHTA Briefs Template.  All members are asked to use this format for submitting briefs.

INAHTA Checklist

The INAHTA Checklist is an aid to furthering a consistent and transparent approach to HTA.  Health technology assessments can, and often do, vary considerably in their depth and scope of analysis.  These differences can be attributed to differences in the types of problem being addressed, policy requirements of the local context and the time and resources available for assessment.

The INAHTA Checklist is not intended to be viewed or used as a scorecard to rate HTA reports.  HTA reports may be valid and useful without meeting all the criteria that have been listed. Information presented in the Checklists is submitted by INAHTA member agencies, and this publication series would not be possible without the ongoing commitment and support of our members.

Further information on the INAHTA Checklists is available in the article “Towards transparency in health technology assessment” by David Hailey (2003), published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. Hailey 2003_INAHTA Checklist

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INAHTA Checklist Downloads

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We would like to express our sincere appreciation to CEDIT (France), AETS and OSTEBA (Spain), and CENETEC (Mexico) for their invaluable assistance in translating the HTA checklist into French and Spanish, respectively.

Valuable suggestions and comments on the 2001 Checklist drafts were provided by Eduardo Briones (AETSA, Spain), Carlos Cano (CMS, USA), Vicki Foerster (CADTH, Canada), John Gabbay (NCCHTA, UK), Christa Harstall (IHE, Canada), Jetty Hoeksema (ZonMw, Netherlands), Nathalie Jakobi Rodrigues (CEDIT, France), Jos Kleijnen (CRD, UK), Helga Sigmund (DACEHTA, Denmark), Menno van Leeuwen (GR, Netherlands), Claire Packer (NHSC, UK), Miriam Siebzehner (ICTAHC, Israel), Rod Taylor (NICE, UK), Norman Waugh (NCCHTA, UK), and Bertrand Xerri (HAS, France).

INAHTA Impact Framework

Measuring and demonstrating the impact (or influence) of HTA reports is important to many HTA agencies. INAHTA has developed a framework for reporting on HTA impact to be used by members to record, measure and share the impact of HTA reports produced by their agency.  INAHTA members are requested to provide information on HTA reports that have shown some indication of impact on decision making by government at the regional, national, or international level(s).  Reports on interim and negative indications of impact are also welcome as they provide opportunities to learn from the challenges encountered in the uptake of the report findings.  Impact reports are requested no less that six months after the HTA report’s publication date.

Information presented in the Impact Reports is submitted by the member agencies and is available to INAHTA members only. This publication series would not be possible without the members’ ongoing commitment and support.

Framework for Submitting Impact Reports

INAHTA HTA Impact Reporting Framework and Instructions