INAHTA is a global network of HTA agencies that support health system decision making that affects over 1 billion people in 33 countries around the globe.  With more than 2,100 staff and consultants working in the INAHTA network, there are clear benefits to connecting agencies to reduce duplication of effort, and to share best practices for supporting evidence based decision making.

Benefits of INAHTA Membership

Networking for better, stronger HTA agencies

Being an INAHTA member provides a unique opportunity for HTA agency directors and scientific staff to have direct contact with colleagues around the globe. This contact allows sharing information about, and strategies for, key aspects of agency business including:

  • Creating & sustaining connections with policy makers
  • Adding value to the health system
  • Building capacity to use evidence in decision making

How our Network members connect

INAHTA members connect in both formal and informal ways, supported by the Secretariat, for example:

  • Participating in the INAHTA Congress. The membership meets each year at the INAHTA Congress held in different cities around the globe immediately following the HTAi Annual Meeting.  This 1.5-day meeting is a valuable opportunity for informal networking amongst members and to advance the strategic aims of the Network.
  • Accessing the INAHTA Listserv.  The Listserv is a service for members to ask questions of other member agencies about assessments, HTA methods and tools, and the reimbursement or coverage status of specific technologies in their jurisdiction.  Responses are received promptly and often contain links to resources and ‘insider’ information not available elsewhere.
  • Participating in Communities of Practice (CoPs).  INAHTA CoPs connect technical staff at member agencies on a voluntary basis to share expertise and to address challenges encountered in their day-to-day work.  The result increased knowledge of member agency staff and unique access to international expertise.
  • And many other ways: Task groups, panel sessions, workshops, webinars and other opportunities to share member agency strengths and to deliver collaborations of value. INAHTA is highly motivated to deliver value to members and to showcase the tools and expertise of our member agencies.  We have Memoranda of Understanding with several international organizations, and our members are encouraged to initiate and contribute to collaborative activities that are of interest to them which also advance the mission and vision of the Network.

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