The INAHTA Board of Directors is composed of a diverse representation of the INAHTA membership.  The Board is responsible for guiding the overall direction and activities of the Network and Secretariat toward the implementation of the INAHTA Strategic Plan. The members of the Board are representatives of an INAHTA member agency and they are elected by the membership for 2-year terms.

INAHTA Board Members

Prof. Tracy Merlin, AHTA, Australia, Chair (2020-2022)
Dr. Michelle Mujoomdar, CADTH, Canada, Vice Chair (2020-2022)

Dr. Matthias Perleth, G-BA, Germany, Treasurer (2020-2022)
Chantal Guilhaume, PharmD, HAS, France, Director (2019-2021)
Dr. Li Ying (Grace) Huang, CDE, Taiwan, Republic of China, Director (2019-2021)
Dr. Mouna Jameleddine, INEAS, Tunisia, Director (2018-2022)
Karen Macpherson, MPH, HIS, UK, Director (2020-2022)
Dr. Sophie Söderholm Werkö, SBU, Sweden, Past Chair (2020-2022) (Ex officio)
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Prof. Tracy Merlin, AHTA, Australia
Chair (2020-2022)

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Dr. Michelle Mujoomdar, CADTH, Canada
Vice Chair (2020-2022)

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Dr. Matthias Perleth, G-BA, Germany
Treasurer (2018-2022)

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Chantal Guilhaume, PharmD, HAS, France
Director (2019-2021)
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Dr. Li Ying (Grace) Huang, CDE, Taiwan, Republic of China
Director (2019-2021)
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Dr. Mouna Jameleddine, INEAS, Tunisia
Director (2018-2022)

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Karen Macpherson, MPH HIS, UK
Director (2020-2022)

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Dr. Sophie Söderholm Werkö, SBU, Sweden
Past Chair (2020-2022)
(Ex officio)
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