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2023 Publications Found.
Name Year Issue Agency Type
Checklist_Interferon-gamma release assays as in vitro screening tests for latent tuberculosis infection 2015 2015/046 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_Fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurement during coronary angiography 2015 2015/008 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_Hepatisis_E 2017 2017/043 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_Anti–Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Drugs for Retinal Conditions 2017 2017/004 CADTH, Canada HTA Checklist
Checklist_Assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic parotid and submandibular sialendoscopy 2015 2015/012 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_Colorectal Cancer Screening Using Colonoscopy and Economic Evaluation 2017 2017/008 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Terms of reference for performing surgical abortions 2016 2016/027 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_TCD Ultrasound and CTP for aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage 2015 2015/020 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Hydrogen breath test for diagnosing lactose intolerance 2018 2018/014 Avalia-t, Spain HTA Checklist
Checklist_Interventions for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults 2017 2017/017 CADTH, Canada HTA Checklist
Checklist_Avemar Granulate as Dietary Food or Special Purpose Food for Cancer 2015 2015/025 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Effectiveness of diagnositc tests and hormone replacement for hypothyroidism 2013 2013/016 HIS, Scotland HTA Checklist
Checklist_Echinococcosis 2018 2018/017 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_EGFR Mutation Test for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2015 2015/029 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Single use dialyser vs Reuse dialyser 2014 2014/012 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Namyang Ketonia – Ketogenic Diet Treatment for Epilepsy 2015 2015/033 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_HAIFU Model- Jc Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic System- An Update 2014 2014/020 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) 2018 2018/024 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Iodine-131-rituximab Radioimmunotherapy for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 2017 2017/028 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist
Checklist_Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Renasys Go Console Package) 2015 2015/037 MaHTAS, Malysia HTA Checklist

2023 Publications Found.