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2036 Publications Found.
Name Year Issue Agency Type
What Are the Clinical Outcome and Cost Effectiveness of Endoscopy Undertaken by Nurses When Compared with Doctors? A Multi-Institution Nurse Endoscopy Trial (MINuET) 2007 2007/21 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
What Is the Best Imaging Strategy for Acute Stroke? 2004 2004/35 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
What is the clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and implications for safety of assessing anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF)? drug levels and antibodies in children with moderate to severe inflammatory bowel disease compared w/existing tx? 2012 2012/092 HIS, Scotland INAHTA Brief
What is the sensitivity and specificity of PET/CT compared with other diagnostic imaging modalities in determining the cause of pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)? What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of PET/CT as a first-line investigation 2013 2013/001 HIS, Scotland INAHTA Brief
Which Anaesthetic Agents are Cost Effective in Day Surgery? Literature Review, National Survey of Practice and Randomized Controlled Trial 2003 2003/31 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
Whiplash - Diagnosis and Evaluation 2000 2000/18 NOKC, Norway INAHTA Brief
Whole body computed tomography in adult with major blunt trauma injuries 2019 2019/001 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Wound Team - Organization of Treatment to Patients with Problem Wounds. A Health Technology Assessment 2006 2006/47 DACEHTA, Denmark INAHTA Brief
X collar versus conventional cervical collar 2014 2014/037 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
X-rays of the Lower Back in the 20 to 49 Patient Groups Referred From Primary Section 2007 2007/49 DACEHTA, Denmark INAHTA Brief
Xenotransplantation 2008 2008/068 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Zavicefta 2020 2020/010 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Zerbaxa 2020 2020/011 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Zika virus RT-PCR testing in blood and urine 2016 2016/029 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Zinc Supplementation as an Adjuvant Therapy in Management of Diarrhoea 2017 2017/015 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Zynteglo 2020 2020/027 HAS, France INAHTA Brief

2036 Publications Found.