Oulu, Finland


History & Structure

Finnish Coordinating Center for Health Technology Assessment (FinCCHTA) was established in 2018 to continue the HTA activities previously carried out by Finohta. It is located within the Oulu University Hospital.


FinCCHTA’s goal is to promote the effectiveness of health care in Finland. The objective is to coordinate the national HTA network in Finland as well as to cooperate with international HTA bodies.

How the Agency Works

FinCCHTA acts as a link between the regional and national level. Distribution and organization of the hospital-based HTA work within the national HTA-network (five university hospitals jointly producing the reviews) is FinCCHTA’s responsibility. We coordinate the national ”Suggest a topic” service as well as collect all jointly produced reviews and original research papers.

In cooperation with Oulu University, FinCCHTA has developed the Digi-HTA method which we use for assessing digital health products and services.

FinCCHTA participates in the international HTA collaboration, health services and HTA research. Other key objectives are to develop HTA methodological training and strengthen its related research in Finland.

Dissemination Activities

Dissemination activities involve communication with the media, as well as participation in scientific meetings and workshops in national and international levels. Reports are distributed to policy makers and health care professionals and published in national professional journals.

Information on reviews and scientific publications can be obtained from our website (fincchta.fi). All information on Digi-HTA method and assessments are available in English on Digi-HTA website (digi-hta.fi).

Recently Completed or Milestone HTA Reports

Information on past, current and upcoming projects can be obtained from FinCCHTA’s website https://www.ppshp.fi/Tutkimus-ja-opetus/FinCCHTA/Sivut/HTA-julkaisuja.aspx

FinCCHTA participates also actively in production of the recommendations given by The Council for Choices in Health http://palveluvalikoima.fi/en/recommendations

Future plans

In future FinCCHTA will

  • maintain collaboration on regional and national level
  • develop new methods and standards for Digi-HTA
  • contribute to national and international collaboration on HTA
  • improve the dissemination activities

Agency Information

Country: Finland
Description of population served: National
Population served (mil): 5.5 million
Current HTA budget (mil USD): 0.4
Permanent staff: 3
Consultants: Variable
Ongoing TA projects:

Contact Information

Director: Petra Falkenbach
Contact person: Juuso Heikkinen

Finnish Coordinating Center for Health Technology Assessment (FinCCHTA)
Postal address: P.O. Box 10, Fi-90029 OYS, Finland
Visiting address: Kajaanintie 50, Oulu
Telephone (exchange): + 358 8 315 4394

Internet: http://www.fincchta.fi
Email: fincchta@pohde.fi