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– Mrs. Vania Cristina Canuto Santos, Director

History and Purpose

On April 28, 2011, was published the Federal Law 12,401 which provides for the therapeutic care and the incorporation of health technologies within the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS). This law is a milestone for the SUS as it creates the National Committee for Health Technology Incorporation (Conitec) and defines the criteria and deadlines for technology incorporation in the public health system. The Committee is responsible for advising the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the incorporation or disinvestment of health technologies into the SUS and development of clinical guidelines.

Conitec’s recommendations are issued based on the best available scientific evidence regarding efficacy, effectiveness and safety of medicines, procedures and medical devices, as well as in economic evaluation studies of these technologies, developed from the perspective of the public health system. According to legal provisions and in view of increased agility, transparency and efficiency in the analysis of processes of incorporation of technologies, Conitec has 180 days (extendable for another 90 days) to assess requests to incorporate technologies into the SUS and for making a recommendation.

The operational structure of Conitec consists of two boards: Plenary and Executive Secretariat. The Plenary is responsible for issuing recommendations. It consists of thirteen members, one representative from each secretariat of the Ministry of Health – the  Plenary’s president is designated by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs (SCTIE) – and one representative from each of the following institutions: Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans (ANS), National Health Council (CNS), National Council of State Health Secretaries (CONASS), National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (CONASEMS) and Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). It is up to the Executive Secretariat, operated by the Department of Management and Incorporation of Technologies and Innovation in Health (DGITIS) managing and coordinating the activities of Conitec as well as the issuance of the final report on the technology, which takes into account the scientific evidence, economic evaluation and budget impact of the introduction of technology in the SUS.

All the reports are submitted to Public Consultations in order to ensure transparency and public participation. The contributions and suggestions of the public consultation are analyzed and entered  into Conitec’s final report, which is later forwarded to the Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs of the Brazilian Ministry of Health for a final decision. The Secretary can also request a public hearing prior to its decision. To guarantee the availability of the incorporated technologies in the SUS, the decree stipulates a deadline of 180 days for making the technology available to the Brazilian population (after the final decision).


The Committee is responsible for advising the Ministry of Health in the:

  • Development and updating of clinical guidelines.
  • Incorporation or disinvestment of health technologies into the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS).

How the agency works

Currently, the Executive Secretary of Conitec operated by the Department of Management and Incorporation of Health Technology (DGITS), has about 100 professionals with multidisciplinary training, essential condition for the development of health technology assessment.

This team is responsible for a multifaceted scope of actions. A significant part of these assignments is related to the development of HTA demands and clinical guidelines. In this sense, professionals critically examine the studies submitted by the applicants regarding the incorporation or exclusion of health technologies and search for the best evidence on scientific literature. In some cases, our technicians consult specialists, medical societies and associations and technical areas of the Brazilian Ministry of Health that may directly or indirectly be involved in the demand. DGITIS also has technicians specifically dedicated to patient and public involvement, qualitative analysis of public consultation data and qualitative evidence synthesis, as well as horizon scanning, legal advice, press and media relations etc.

In addition to internal staff, Conitec has a network of partner institutions in universities and teaching hospitals that are hired to develop studies assessing health technologies. Conitec also participates in Brazilian Network for Health Technology Assessment (REBRATS), Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas (RedETSA) and International HealthTechScan, coordinating the America Regional Group (ScanAmericas).

Dissemination activities

The studies are developed and disseminated on the Conitec’s website in Portuguese, being translated into English and Spanish as needed. Some studies are published as structured abstracts in proceedings of conferences and other events, for example, ISPOR, HTAi, GIN, etc. The website ( provides all the final reports, clinical guidelines, social participation and information on evaluated demands or ongoing analysis. These reports are also available on the Regional Base of Health Technology Assessment Reports of the Americas (BRISA), which includes reports produced by the member institutions of RedETSA.

A list of recently completed or milestone HTA reports

Data related to (not) incorporated technologies and demands in evaluation are daily updated and published on Conitec’s website: Conitec in Numbers.

A list of (selected) current projects

  • Health Technology Assessment for advising the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the incorporation or disinvestment of health technologies into the SUS.
  • Horizon Scanning activities.
  • Updating of National List of Essential Drug products.
  • Development of clinical guidelines.
  • Improvement of Patient and Public engagement.


Agency Information

Country: Brazil
Description of population served: National
Population served (mil):
Current HTA budget (mil USD)
Permanent staff: approx. 100
Consultants: 76
Ongoing TA projects: Conitec in Numbers

Contact Information

Director: Mrs. Vania Cristina Canuto Santos
Contact person: Clarice Moreira Portugal

Esplanada dos Ministérios
Bl. G, Ed. Sede, 8º andar.
CEP: 70058-900 –  Brasília-DF

Tel: +55 (61) 3315-2767