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AETSA supports health services, health professionals, and patients providing them with the best evidence to make decisions about what technologies should be used. High quality, efficiency and equity in health care are our aims.
– Dr. Isacc Tunez. General Secretary for Research Development and Innovation in Heath.

History and Structure

The Andalusian Health Technology Assessment Department was established by the Government of Andalusia in 1996, as part of a new program to promote the use of cost-effectiveness analysis and evidence-based medicine in the regional health service. Since 2012 is a member of the Spanish HTA Network, assuming its Presidency during 2015.


Our main goal is to promote the appropriate use of health technologies, providing decision-makers with critically review information about their efficacy, safety, and effectiveness. We also consider the economic, social, ethic and legal impact.

How AETSA Works

AETSA develops, continuously, an active procedure for identification of HTA needs in Andalusian Public Heath Systems at different levels: health professional, health managers and health authorities. A Committee, including representatives from Regional Health Ministry and Regional Health Services prioritize the technologies to be assessed. We also have a system for identification and early assessment of new and emerging technologies and produce emerging technology assessment reports. All these tasks developed in our region are integrated in the HTA process and plans that are carried out at national level, by the Spanish HTA Network.

Our main products are systematic reviews and cost-analyses reports. We encourage the widespread participation of medical professionals in our assessment projects as part of our strategy to enhance quality of care and efficiency.

AETSA also coordinates groups for developing evidence-based clinical guidelines. Also for developing recommendations about selection and use of new pharmaceuticals and new technologies that are likely to have a major cost or social impact in the Andalusian Public Health System.

We also participate in postgraduate medical and pharmacist education programs through residential activities.

AETSA is a member of the following international network: INAHTA, EuroScan, HTAi, and EUnetHTA (foundational member).

Dissemination Activities

Our assessment reports are mainly in Spanish, including English abstracts. They can be downloaded from our webpage ( These documents are also distributed by e-mail to policy makers and health care professionals with a brief summary containing key points. We also publish about them in our twitter (@AETSA_). Some of our HTA reports are publish also in scientific journals.

Current Projects (A Selection)

List of ongoing projects is available in the HTA Database in our web site.

Future Plans

AETSA is intensifying its efforts to strengthen the impact of our reports. We are developing a HTA-community of practice through the Andalusian Health Care System, as a regional HTA-network to improve dissemination of HTA reports and to promote evidence-based health technology uptake into our Public Health System.  We will increase our collaboration with local, regional national and international partners. We are going to be involved in the European Joint Action 3 on HTA.


Agency Information

Country: Spain
Description of population served: Andalusian Region
Population served (mil): 8
Current HTA budget (mil USD): 0.9
Permanent staff: 4
Consultants: variable
Ongoing TA projects: 25

Contact Information

Director: Dr. Issac Tunez
Contact personsJosé Luis Castro / Juan Antonio Blasco

Andalusian Health Technology Assessment Body
Avda. de la Innovación s/n. Edificio ARENA 1. Planta baja
ES-41020 Sevilla Spain

Tel: +34 955006309
Fax: +34 955006327