INAHTA members are taking action in their respective countries to meet the needs of decision and policy makers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The important role of INAHTA member agencies as essential contributors to health system decision making could not be clearer in the current global pandemic, where the evidence of what works needs to get into the hands of decision makers quickly.

Examples of initiatives INAHTA members are working on include:

  • Many rapid clinical evidence reviews on potential therapeutic options for COVID-19.  Topic examples include:  risk of airborne transmission; the role of children in the transmission of COVID-19 and the relationship between age, comorbidity, and disease severity; evaluation of evidence on invasive and non-invasive ventilation therapy for COVID-19 through a comparative assessment of available technologies; assessment on the extended use and limited reuse of disposable face masks by health professionals with a view to support the development of criteria to allow the appropriate reuse of masks; evaluating telehealth solutions to help with the management of hospitalized patients affected by COVID-19 who are in isolation, outpatient services, or patients affected by or suspected for COVID-19 who are clinically stable; examining types of reprocessing methods to enable the re-use of personal protective equipment, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19.
  • Rapid guidelines on COVID-19.
  • Short ‘topic exploration’ reports (summaries of evidence and gaps).
  • A guidance on COVID-19 diagnostic and management.
  • Agency staff deployed to help with contact tracing/logistics/assistance to people in quarantine.
  • Agency heavily involved in the reporting of cases, advising the Ministers on how to respond and with what measures.
  • Coordination of clinical trials for treatment, providing advice on screening asymptomatic people, assessing the value of molecular and serological tests in these groups.
  • Implementation of a new central process for the prioritization of COVID-19 research across sectors (public, industry, charities, etc.) with the aim of reducing duplication of effort.
  • Dashboard of clinical trials in the pipeline for potential coronavirus (COVID-19) treatments.
  • Responding to enquiry requests on COVID-19 topics.  E.g., Can the Clinical Fragility Scale or other such instruments, adjusted or unadjusted for age, predict the mortality of ventilated patients who are treated in an ICU due to infectious impact?  What is the risk of transmitting a corona virus infection (COVID-19, SARS, or MERS) during treatment with non-invasive ventilation.
  • Establishing a HSS/ Horizon Scanning System for COVID-19 interventions with the intentions of informing health policy makers at an early stage which interventions (vaccinations and drugs) are currently undergoing clinical trials and to monitor them over the next few months in order to support evidence-based purchasing if necessary.
  • Overview of R & D projects submitted to various institutions supporting the research on COVID-19.
  • Rapid assessment on “measures for the prevention and control of risk of dissemination of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases transmitted by contact (including droplet) in the context of nursing homes.
  • Compilation of relevant bibliography about COVID-19.
  • Providing free scientific consultation for academic research institutions, biotechnology pharmaceutical companies, and medical material manufacturers for the various stages of the COVID-19 drug development (including medicine and medical devices).
  • Systematic review of drugs used for COVID-19 around the world.

INAHTA member agency websites with dedicated COVID-19 information:

INESSS, Canada:


FOPH, Switzerland:



CADTH, Canada:

AIHTA, Austria:

INEAS, Tunisia:

IECS, Argentia:

MaHTAS, Malaysia:

ASERNIP-S, Australia:

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(List updated 30 June 2020)