INAHTA sessions coming up at the 2019 HTAi conference

INAHTA is pleased to announce that  two official INAHTA sessions will be delivered at the HTAi Annual Meeting in Cologne, 12-15 June 2019.  The sessions are:

–> INAHTA Panel: "Keep Calm and Carry On: INAHTA Members' Views on Planning for Potentially Disruptive Technologies".  Moderator:  Ken Bond (IHE).  Presenters: Claudia Wild (LBI-HTA), Grace Huang (CDE), Michelle Mujoomdar (CADTH), Rossella Di Bidino (UVT-Gemelli), Susanna Axelson (SBU).

–> INAHTA Workshop:  "Health Economics 101: Everyone's an Economist, They Just Don't Know It".  Moderator:  Matthias Perleth (G-BA).  Facilitators: Jeff Round and Gareth Hopkins (IHE), Pia Johansson (SBU).

Additionally, two joint task groups convened and led by INAHTA have had abstracts accepted as well for the HTAi conference:
Joint task group with INAHTA and G-I-N:  "GINAHTA: A Global effort to strengthen the synergy between HTA and clinical practice guidelines".
Joint task group with INAHTA, EUnetHTA, RedETSA and HTAsiaLink:  "HTA Agency Collaboration in the Use of Real World Evidence"

These sessions are just a few of the many sessions that will include INAHTA members at the conference this coming year.  Join us at HTAi 2019!