New INAHTA Listserv response summaries available

12 listserv response summaries are now available in the members area (login required):

  • Guidelines/policies on HTA for Primary Care? (DECIT)
  • Methodological Guidelines and processes for developing these in your country? (DECIT)
  • Guidelines or policies on Health Equity? (DECIT)
  • Use of Plasmapheresis as complimentary/alternative medicine treatment for general wellbeing? (MaHTAS)
  • Newborn screening for inborn errors of metabolism, hormonal diseases, or genetic diseases by means of blood spot examination? (G-BA)
  • Ultrasound abdominal aortic aneurysma screening programmes? (G-BA)
  • Assessments / information about Hyperbaric Oxygenation for the treatment of Osteomyletis? (DECIT)
  • Assessments & reimbursement status of surgical procedures: TAVI, RDN, HIVD, PELD? (CDE)
  • Request to assist in identifying new & emerging medical imaging technologies in specific categories? (ASERNIP-S)
  • Documents/reports on “Undiagnosis Rare Disease Program”? (AETSA)
  • Effectiveness and safety of biosimilars of growth hormone (GH)? (UCEETS)
  • Reimbursement of car seats for children suffering from severe deficiency of sitting posture? (HAS)