Join Committees & Task Groups

INAHTA members invited to join the following groups to advise and help execute the activities of the Network:

Board Standing Committees:

  • Internal Communications: optimizing how we communicate amongst members of the Network
  • External Partnerships: managing our relationships with partner organizations in the HTA community

Board Task Groups:

  • Membership Criteria: to review components of the criteria for INAHTA membership, and recommend action to the Board
  • Publications Database: to review options for sharing HTA reports amongst members, and recommend action to the Board
  • Oslo 2015 INAHTA Congress: advising on the planning for the next INAHTA Congress

View the Terms of Reference (login required) for a description of the objectives and a list of members who have signed-up for these groups.

All staff at INAHTA member agencies are eligble to join these groups. Email Tara at the Secretariat to sign-up or for more information.