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1972 Publications Found.
Name Year Issue Agency Type
Checklist_Nucleolysis percutaneous laser disc decompression 2018 2018/007 Avalia-t, Spain HTA Checklist
DNA Mismatch Repair Deficiency Tumour Testing 2018 2018/006 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Oropharyngeal_Cancer 2018 2018/005 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Imaging for Pulmonary Embolism 2018 2018/004 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Composite Resin Versus Amalgam for Dental Restorations 2018 2018/003 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Hep C Screening 2018 2018/002 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Rheumatoid_arthritis 2018 2018/001 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Robot_assisted_surgery_radical_prostatectomy 2017 2017/045 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Checklist_Robot_assisted_surgery_radical_prostatectomy 2017 2017/045 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Candidiasis 2017 2017/044 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Checklist_Candidiasis 2017 2017/044 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Checklist_Hepatisis_E 2017 2017/043 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Hepatisis_E 2017 2017/043 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Checklist_Syphilis 2017 2017/042 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Syphilis 2017 2017/042 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Checklist_Anti-Mullerian hormone serum assay 2017 2017/041 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Anti-Mullerian hormone serum assay 2017 2017/041 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Checklist_Vitrification 2017 2017/040 HAS, France HTA Checklist
Vitrification 2017 2017/040 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Laboratory medicine procedures related to the diagnosis of leishmaniasis 2017 2017/039 HAS, France INAHTA Brief

1972 Publications Found.