INASanté – National Instance for Accreditation in Health Care

Tunisia_flag  Tunis-Belvédère, Tunisia

– Professor Khaled Zeghal, General Director, INASanté 


History and structure

INASanté is a public scientific authority, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, established by Decree No. 1709 of September 6, 2012.


INASanté has four missions :

  • Health Technology Assessment (elaborating reports assessing technologies)
  • Accreditation of health institutions (public and private) and continuing education activities for healthcare professionals
  • Development of Good Practice Recommendations and Professional Practices Evaluation criteria
  • Information of professionals and citizens

How INASanté Works currently

Although founded in 2012, INASanté is a structure in phase of implementation with a material and immaterial support program actually started in 2013 for :

  • The strengthening of the organization of the structure
  • The adaptation of its legal framework
  • The establishment of an operational team and the improvement of its technical capabilities
  • The provision of good working conditions (locations, equipment)
  • The development of an information system according to the international standards

The mission of the INASanté is based on two pillars :

  • The accreditation of health institutions (public and private), which is an external assessment procedure to a health institution, performed by peers, independent of the health institution and its parent bodies, reviewing all its operation and its practices. The accreditation aims to a continuous improvement in the quality of care and patient safety.
  • Health technology assessment that can give a neutral and independent opinion, based on evidence to:
    • Promote the appropriate use of health technologies.
    • Support decision-making and inform the allocation of resources.
    • Promote efficiency, safety and quality of care.
    • Evolve to standardized practices and enable communication on best practices.

Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination

A website and an information system have been developed. An information and communication strategy is being implemented.

Current Projects Related to HTA

  • A stakeholder analysis and a consensus conference were conducted.
  • A process of health technology assessment has been developed.
  • The HTA team capacity is about to be developed

Future plans

  • Protocol design, methodology guides and supports of evaluation for different domains elaborating
  • Designing a technology prioritization process for HTA
  • Development of a concept of management and analysis of data collected in the context of HTA projects
  • Design and development of a computerized solution for disseminating of the results of evaluations
  • Development of tools, standards  and procedures for accreditation of public and private institutions according to international requirements



Agency Information

Country: Tunisia
Description of population served: National
Population served (mil): 10.89 million (2013)
Current HTA budget (mil USD): 650,000 USD/1230 000 TND
Permanent staff: 27
Consultants: 0
Ongoing TA projects: Implementation phase

Contact Information

Director: Pr. Khaled Zeghal
Contact persons: Dr. Mouna Jameleddine, Dr. Asma Ben Brahem Touil

7 bis Rue Ahmed Rami
1002 le belvédère
Tunis, Tunisie

Tel: (+216) 71 10 46 11 / (+216) 71 10 46 12
Fax: (+216) 71 10 46 57