FinOHTA – Finnish Office for Health Technology Assessment

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 – Professor Marjukka Mäkelä, Director, FinOHTA


History and Structure

The Finnish Office for Health Technology Assessment, Finohta, was established in 1995. It is situated in the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Finohta's office comprises 27 persons, supported by 4 permanent consultants. Our collaboration network consists of  a 29-member Advisory Board, a Network for Managed Uptake of Medical Methods and dozens of experts yearly involved in projects.


The goal is to promote the effectiveness of Finnish health care. Finohta concentrates on technologies that deal with major health problems or are of economic importance for the country.

How Finohta Works

Finohta has three main modes of operation:

  • Finohta answers questions about the effectiveness, safety, cost and other aspects of health technologies asked by the Ministry of Health or health care providers, such as hospital districts. The Managed Uptake of Medical methods program (MUMM) assesses new technology for hospital districts.
  • Finohta acts as a national clearinghouse for health technology assessments (international and domestic), providing Finnish-language summaries of core foreign reports.
  • Finohta promotes national HTA research by training and methodological support.

The main principle in all activities is close co-operation with the health care professionals and different organizational entities in the healthcare sector and related sectors.

Dissemination Activities

Finohta disseminates information on its own activities and publications through the website at and the electronic newsletter Impakti. The Ohtanen database includes basic information on international HTAs as well as Finnish summaries based on them. It is also possible to subscribe to a mailing list for reports recently added in Ohtanen. We also run a web portal called Arkkinen for providing information to the professionals and decision makers participating in designing the built environment of health care in Finland.  Furthermore, the staff of Finohta submits articles to professional journals, and organizes meetings, conferences and courses.

Joint Activities

The Managed Uptake of Medical Methods (MUMM) is a joint program between Finohta and the Finnish public sector specialised medical care. Its aim is to provide objective evidence of safety, effectiveness and costs of new medical methods before wide implementation ( Systematic MUMM reviews are published in the Finnish Medical Journal including English summary. The MUMM Board gives its recommendations on the use of new technology based on the reviews.

Current Projects (A Selection)

  • Economic evaluation of colorectal cancer screening in Finland
  • Amputations in diabetic population
  • Effectiveness of health care for prisoners
  • Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction with intra bronchial valves
  • EUnetHTA (European network for HTA)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosing by Mediracer
  • HospiCareY – A user-oriented hospital space
  • Cochrane review update "Pit and fissure sealants versus fluoride varnishes for preventing dental decay in children and adolescents"
  • Cost-effectiveness of screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Future Plans

  • To recruit new HTA questions from health care providers and decision makers
  • To support implementation of assessment results in practice
  • To monitor changes in current practices


Agency Information


Country: Finland
Description of population served: National
Population served (mil): 5.4
Current HTA budget (mil USD): 1.4
Permanent staff: 27
Consultants: 4
Ongoing TA projects: 30

Contact Information

Director: Professor Marjukka Mäkelä
Contact person: Professor Marjukka Mäkelä

Finnish Office for Health Technology Assessment
P.O. Box 30
FI- 00271  Helsinki Finland

Tel: +358 20 6107297
Fax: +358 20 6107485