Patient Submission Templates for HTA – Call for Piloting/Consultation

The HTAi Patient & Citizen Involvement interest sub-group has prepared templates for Patient Group Submissions for non-Medicine's HTA and Medicine's HTA.  They are asking INAHTA members to pilot / consult on these templates.  Details provided below.

Patient Submission Templates for Non-Medicine's HTA – For Consultation

The HTAi Interest Sub-Group for Patient/Citizen Involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is consulting on a Patient Submission Template for HTA that is not related to medicines (e.g. devices, procedures, etc). The Template is intended to act as a guide for HTA organisations that they can amend to suit their specific needs, and offer to patients/patient organisations to enable them to submit information to an HTA. This Patient Submission Template has been created by drawing on experience of developing a template for medicine’s HTA and in collaboration with patient/public representatives who are members of non-medicines HTA committees.

Please pass this page onto anyone who you think may wish to comment on this Patient Submission Template.

Please send your comments on this draft template to Karen Facey using the following consultation comments form by 5 September 2014.

HTAi Non Medicines Patient Submission Template for consultation
Consultation comments form

Fax:    +44 1460 660316
Post:   Woodlands Lodge, Buchanan Castle Estate, Drymen G63 0HX UK.

After comments have been received, this Patient Submission Template will be updated and issued for piloting with HTA organisations around the world. If your HTA organisation would like to pilot the final template for use in non-medicine’s HTA, please contact Karen Facey.

This research is led by Karen Facey, Evidence Based Health Policy Consultant in collaboration with the HTAi Interest Sub-Group on Patient/Citizen Involvement in HTA. She was supported by an unrestricted grant from Eli Lilly and Company for the medicine’s template and undertakes this work on a voluntary basis.

Patient Group Submission Templates for Medicine's HTA – for Piloting

The HTAi Patient Group Submission Template seeks to help patient groups submit information to an HTA of a specific medicine. It provides prompts for patient groups to help them explain patients’ and care-givers’/carers’ perspectives in a manner that is most likely to inform HTA decision-making. It is not intended for use by individual patients or as a structure for commenting on draft reports.

This template has been created predominantly for use by health technology assessment (HTA) organisations. To help them engage with patients and obtain useful information for their assessment process. It may also be useful for training purposes in patient organisations and to support industry in their interactions with patients.


This template has been issued for piloting from May 2014 to 30 April 2015.
If you use the template, we would be grateful to know how you have used the template and to hear any suggestions for improvement.

–> Visit the HTAi-PCISG website to download the template and review additional information

Please contact Karen Facey on, any member of the HTAi Interest Sub-Group for Patient/Citizen Involvement in HTA, or the HTAi Secretariat on