Office Hours is part of the INAHTA scientific program.  This activity is inspired by the typical practice of university professors to offer specific times when students can come to their office and ask questions or discuss specific topics.

The office hours activity will to be organized throughout the year, with one or more INAHTA member agencies making a specific time(s) available, according to their own convenience, for other INAHTA member agencies to connect virtually with them to ask questions or discuss specific topics.  The main goal is for members to have the opportunity to connect directly with each other for one-on-one discussions and exchanges.

For more information about how to be involved in the program, please see the bottom of this page.

Upcoming 2023 Office Hour Sessions

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, UK)

NICE is pleased to offer the following time slots for INAHTA members to book as part of the Office Hours program. Please propose a topic and inform the contact person at NICE when you book your session, so they can prepare accordingly.
AVAILABLE TIMES: (all in London, UK timezone. Convert to another timezone)

2 May 9-10 UK – Fully booked
3 May 16-17 UK – Fully booked
3 July 16-17 UK – one space available
4 July 9-10 UK – Fully booked


For March dates, email Stacy Duggins (stacy.duggins@nice.org.uk)

For May and July dates, email Shane Collins (shane.collins@nice.org.uk)

Please let them know your proposed topic/question.

Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (AHTA), Australia

AHTA has over 20 years’ experience evaluating medicines, vaccines, devices and tests (particularly genetics/genomics) for public funding decisions made by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC). We wrote most of the HTA methodological guidelines in use in Australia and created the national approach for evaluating personalised medicines (co-dependent technologies).

We are happy to answer any and all questions that you may have about the work we have done and/or just general advice or information sharing. No formal presentations, just a chat to discuss issues of mutual interest.

We are offering three office hour sessions of 1-1.5 hours each – one each on evaluating medicines, tests, and a general session covering matters such as personnel, methods, training and management of an HTA agency.

Pre-registration is essential – please email ahta@adelaide.edu.au with Office Hours in the subject line and indicate which session(s) you would like to attend. Once registered, we will send you a zoom link and you can drop in whenever you like during the session.

  1. General HTA matters: Monday 17th April 5:30pm ACST / 10:00am CEST / 4:00pm SGT
  2. Evaluating medicines: Tuesday 18th April 5:30pm ACST / 10:00am CEST / 4:00pm SGT
  3. Evaluating tests and investigative technologies: Monday 24th April 5:30pm ACST / 10:00am CEST /4:00pm SGT

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How to be involved

INAHTA member agencies that are interested in offering office hours need to set aside some times where they will accept meetings or drop-in visits from other INAHTA members.  The secretariat will disseminate the times available, and members will contact your agency directly to either book in advance, or just “drop in” for the session (depending on how you wish to set it up, i.e., if there is an open zoom link available). Your agency can decide how to organize the office hours, e.g., taking preregistration, limiting the number of attendees per session, allowing drop-ins, as well as the platform to use.  If your agency is interested to participate, you are asked to send an email to Laura Varga (lvarga@ihe.ca) at the secretariat and indicating:

–> The dates and times (including time zone) of the office hours that your agency wishes to offer. This can be at a convenient time for you as the host agency.

–> Provide the name and contact of the person at your agency who will manage your agency’s office hours sessions and respond to member bookings, etc.