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2036 Publications Found.
Name Year Issue Agency Type
Assessment of the Indications and Risks of ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to Children Born as a Result of ICSI 2007 2007/93 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Assessment of the measurement of cytomegalovirus viral load by gene amplification in allograft recipients 2015 2015/044 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Assessment of the placement of a provisional crown for restorations 2019 2019/028 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Assessment of the risks associated with aesthetic mesotherapy practices 2014 2014/010 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Assessment of Videoconferencing in Telehealth in Canada 2002 2002/78 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Assessments of Telemedicine Applications - An Update 2002 2002/30 IHE, Canada INAHTA Brief
Asynchronous Telehealth: Systematic Review of Analytic Studies and Environmental Scan of Relevant Initiatives 2008 2008/033 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Atmosphere Air Purifier 2009 2009/071 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Atypical Antipsychotic Monotherapy for Schizophrenia: Clinical Review and Economic Evaluation of First Year of Treatment 2007 2007/130 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 2012 2012/028 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Auto Destruct Mini Syringe 2014 2014/014 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Auto-titrating Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Systems in the Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea 2003 2003/71 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Autohemotherapy Ozone Therapy – An Update 2017 2017/026 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Autologous breast reconstruction methodsVD 2020 2020/006 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Autologous Chondrocyte Implant (ACI). A Systematic Review 2009 2009/160 Avalia-t, Spain INAHTA Brief
Autologous fat grafting in reconstructive, restorative and cosmetic breast surgery 2015 2015/014 HAS, France INAHTA Brief
Autologous Fibrin Sealant - Vivostat® System 2008 2008/065 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Autologous peripheral blood stem cells for articular cartilage repair 2014 2014/026 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Automated Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) 2009 2009/083 MaHTAS, Malysia INAHTA Brief
Avastin for Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Rapid Assessment 2007 2007/144 LBI-HTA, Austria INAHTA Brief

2036 Publications Found.