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About the pilot process

The INAHTA Strategic Plan 2017-2020 identifies the development of position statements as one way the network will achieve the strategic goal of cultivating awareness of INAHTA.  The position statements are also a way to bring the agency perspective to important issues in HTA.  At the 2018 Congress, the INAHTA members agreed to pilot this process to determine the feasibility of creating position statements that are supported by sufficient numbers of INAHTA members.  The following year at the 2019 Congress, members agreed on a process to develop position statements and determined that 70% of current members would need to agree with the statement in order for it to be released.

What is an INAHTA position statement?

INAHTA position statements are general declarations that mark a particular point of view or standpoint supported or approved by INAHTA members.  INAHTA position statements focus on general issues, methods, definitions or processes relevant to health technology assessment (HTA) and to HTA agencies, but they are not intended to address specific health technologies or interventions (i.e., if they are effective or not). Position statements are not legally binding upon members and approval of position statements is not a requirement for membership in INAHTA.

Guides and templates

Topic prioritization

Position statements under development: