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History and Structure

The Center for Economics and Health Technology Assessment of the Republican Center for Health Development was established in 2019 to improve and coordinate the activities of healthcare organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  The Center has built up a strong multi-disciplinary research community which includes economists, public health workers, and physicians.

The Center carries out its work in the fields of health economics, health technology assessment (HTA), public health, quality of care, and health management.


  1. To coordinate the activities of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the implementation of HTA policy;
  2. To create and support the system activities of effective use HTA and principles of evidence-based medicine in the healthcare practice;
  3. To bring together HTA experts to share experience and information in the field of HTA, Health Economics and Public Health;
  4. To cooperate with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, as well as international organizations in the context of healthcare  and HTA issues;
  5. To inform healthcare providers and to improve systematically the qualifications of healthcare providers in the field of HTA and evidence-based-medicine;
  6. To share experience with the colleagues from other countries and to develop international principles of HTA in Central Asia.

Current projects

Topic 1:  Pharmacoeconomic analysis of Alunbrig ™ (Brigatinib) as monotherapy for ALK-positive advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.

Topic 2: Xalkori® (crizotinib) for ALK-positive advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and ROS-1-positive advanced NSCLC as the first – line treatment and after previous treatment in monotherapy.

Topic 3:   A method for quantitative determination of Cancer antigen CA-62 in human blood serum by an immunochemiluminescence assay for in vitro diagnostics.

Future Plans

Acting as a bridge between researchers and those who determine the public health policy and clinical research policy, the HTA organization can also take an important role not only in the retrospective assessment of available data, but also in determining what kind of information is needed. Prospective HTA may be an important step forward by identifying what kind of information and any other data is needed to make decisions, what data is already there, and what is missing, and what kind of assessment required.


Agency Information


Country: Kazakhstan
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Contact Information

Director-General:  Kanat Tosekbayev
Contact person: Adlet Tabarov, Zaid Zholdassov

Republican Center for Health Development of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
HTA department
Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, 010000
Imanova Str, 13,7th Floor, office #706
Tel: +7 7172 700950 ext 1137

Internet: http://www.rcrz.kz
Email: tabarov_a@rcrz.kz, zholdassov_z@rcrz.kz