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““We coordinate the health system to help make it more efficient and to support the delivery of the best possible patient-centred care.”
– Ontario Health

History and Structure

Ontario Health is an agency created by the Government of Ontario with a mandate to connect and coordinate the province’s health care system in innovative ways, to help ensure that Ontarians receive the best possible care. This involves keeping a close eye on how the health system is performing and providing evidence-based standards and improvements to address any gaps.

Ontario Health’s research is published as part of the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series, which is indexed in PubMed, and also published on the former Health Quality Ontario website:

Visit the Ontario Health website for more information about Ontario Health.

How Ontario Health’s Technology Assessment Process Works

Working with clinical experts, scientific collaborators, expert panels, patients and the public, Ontario Health evaluates the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health care technologies and services. These evaluations are then presented to the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee (OHTAC), a committee of Ontario Health.

OHTAC’s purpose is to review and advise on the uptake, diffusion, and distribution of new health technologies and the replacement or removal of obsolete health technologies. OHTAC’s recommendations receive approval from Ontario Health management before being finalized.

In making these recommendations, OHTAC relies on reviews that systematically appraise the available evidence in a scientifically sound and objective manner. For each recommendation, OHTAC considers the clinical benefits and harms; cost-effectiveness; societal, ethical, and patient perspectives; and implications for health system resources.

Current Projects

Information on current and upcoming projects can be accessed on the former HQO website at

Future Plans

In addition to making funding recommendations, Ontario Health will continue to increase its capacity to develop evidence reviews that will inform a variety of health care decisions aimed to improve the quality of care for Ontarians.

Agency Information

Country: Canada
Description of population served: Provincial
Population served (mil): 14
Ongoing TA projects: Fluctuates

Contact information

Director, Health Technology Assessment: Nancy Sikich

Ontario Health
130 Bloor Street West, 10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
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Tel: +1 416 323 6868
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