INAHTA Board Director 2022 – 2024
CADTH, Canada

International health systems have faced a global pandemic that introduced a series of unprecedented, inter-connected, and complex crises that continue to challenge the norms of evidence-based decision-making. The ripples of COVID-19 will be felt for years to come and, within this environment, INAHTA member agencies are uniquely positioned to provide evidence that will help support stronger, more sustainable, more equitable, and more inclusive health systems the world over. In this context, the role of INAHTA in the global health technology assessment (HTA) ecosystem has never been more important.

As all agencies cope with uncertainty, evolving methodologies, and evolving forms of evidence (like real-world evidence), I see a growing opportunity for INAHTA to strengthen its role as a hub for both formal and informal communication, cooperation, and learning. From my perspective, INAHTA is uniquely positioned to help agencies coalesce and develop standards, best practices, or frameworks that can offer members a roadmap of sorts to achieving their own strategic or scientific objectives.

I believe that raising awareness of the network among members, making the membership benefits more accessible, and creating opportunities for member participation will all serve to strengthen INAHTA over the long term, consistent with the INAHTA strategic plan.  INAHTA can grow real-time connections between members, expand cross-country learning, and further position the network as a thought leader on issues that influence the global HTA community.

I am honoured to join the INAHTA Board of Directors for my first term and will enthusiastically share my experience as it relates to the complexities of assessing and managing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and clinical interventions in Canadian health systems. Prior to joining CADTH, my career in health care spanned a wide array of health care settings and senior roles in government.