INAHTA Board of Director (2020-2022)

As pressure on health systems increases, novel technologies requiring new approaches to assessment and appraisal are developed, and capacity for undertaking HTA is stretched, I believe that it is highly valuable to have a network of HTA agencies that can provide peer support and reduce duplication. Such support is often absent or lacking at a national level. INAHTA should be the ‘go to’ place for national agencies in accessing information and advice on conducting HTA.

I am particularly keen for INAHTA to be relevant to all staff within HTA member organisations, not just senior staff who attend meetings. I would like therefore to ensure that there are both activities and information available to engage the diverse group of staff who have a role to play in producing HTAs, from researchers and economists, to social scientists and information scientists, project officers and managers. To achieve this I think we need to encourage awareness raising by representatives within their agencies, and promote use of the existing tools such as the mailing list and webex to facilitate a wider range of discussions, questions and learning opportunities. It would be beneficial to instigate a regular webex seminar series with invited experts from across the world.

Coming from an agency that produces both HTAs and clinical guidelines, I am very aware of the synergies between the processes used, and I would be keen to see INAHTA explore more options for joint projects with the Guidelines International Network, hence enabling each group to reach a larger constituency of members than would otherwise be possible.

I think the HTA database is an invaluable resource in reducing duplication of effort and supporting the production of robust and transparent healthcare advice for healthcare policy making, As such, I see it as a key goal of INAHTA in the forthcoming year to establish a sustainable funding model to secure its future.

Finally, as the first of the pilot INAHTA position statements is published, I think it will be important to think about how to review the impact of the statements and learn from this review to guide future similar activity.