INAHTA Vice-Chair (Aug. 2020-2021)
INEAS, Tunisia

Dr. Mouna Jameleddine is the Director of the HTA department at the Tunisian HTA agency (INEAS). Her work focuses on enhacing the use of HTA in the context of real-world decision making. She is playing the leading role in HTA implementation in Tunisia with the establishment of methods and processes and the political anchoring of HTA as a guiding tool for coverage, procurement, and pricing decisions.

Holder of a doctorate in pharmacy, Ms. Jameleddine followed a Master of Science Program on Drug development at the Faculty of Pharmacy. She graduated in Pharmacoeconomics of drugs and medical devices from the Paris Descartes University in France. She also holds the Leadership and Management in Health certificate from the University of Washington and the European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD).

With 15 years of professional experience in public health, Dr Jameleddine worked at the Minister of Health’s cabinet in 2014 where she collaborated on defining technologies’ policies, and carried out studies for national projects. As part of her work at INEAS, she has gained practical experience in evaluating technologies and shared her experience through capacity building activities throughout Tunisia and other MENA countries. Mouna has also been a visiting lecturer on HTA at the faculty of pharmacy in Tunisia. She presented her research findings to an array of scientific audiences. She co-authored numerous articles, acted as reviewer of manuscripts for scientific journals and contributed to book chapters.

Dr Jameleddine collaborates as an expert in several WHO technical advisory groups including « cost effectiveness data across settings », « HTA and benefit packages » and has been part of the WHO technical working group on pricing policies for the 2021 fair pricing forum. She is a contributing author of the WHO document “Institutionalizing HTA mechanisms : A how to guide” and the WHO guide on “principles of benefit packages”.

Mouna held the position of Board Director from 2018 to August 2021 at which point she assumed the role of Vice-Chair. She is also the co-chair of the GINAHTA working group.