INAHTA Board Director (2019-2021)
CDE, Taiwan, Republic of China

Dr. Li Ying (Grace) Huang is a director of the Division of the Health Technology Assessment, Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan (CDE/HTA). Before joining CDE/HTA in 2008, she worked for around ten years as a clinical pharmacist in a leadership role in the department of pharmacy in one of the major medical centers in Taipei. She completed her Ph.D. degree in Graduate Institute of Health Policy and Management, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University and Master’s degree in pharmaceutical science from the National Taiwan University as well. She has authored and co-authored articles published in several international journals and also serves as a reviewer of manuscripts. Her current research focuses on comparative efficacy of new drugs, applying mixed treatment comparison methods, patient involved HTA and therapeutic inertia among adult DM patients in Taiwan.

From 2016 to 2018, she was fortunate to be on the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) board of directors. Since then, she has been involved in INAHTA activities; she has joined the INAHTA several Task Groups and participated in webinars on Hot topics in HTA. She has also worked with the HTAi Interest Group for Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA (PCIG) and INAHTA Patient Involvement and was invited to the HTAi Asia Policy Forum in 2018 to share the experience of Taiwan’s HTA.

In 2019, Dr. Li Ying (Grace) Huang currently serves on the board of Directors for the International Board of Directors for the INAHTA. Her vision for INAHTA is as a platform for the networking of information as well as the reduction of duplications of effort. It can also serve as an effective channel for the sharing of best practices to support evidence-based decision-making. In the role of director of the board of INAHTA, she hopes to share the experience of CDE/HTA with other developing countries. It is her goal to work to proactively enhance health technology assessment through a variety of international projects, and widen the reach of the INAHTA.

Grace has been a member of the Board for the following terms: Director 2016-2018.