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1823 Publications Found.
Name Year Issue Agency Type
Oto-acoustic Emission Audiometry (OAEA) 2002 2002/12 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
OctreoScan® Scintigraphy for Gastro-entero-pancreatic (GEP) Neuroendocrine Tumors 2002 2002/11 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
Photodynamic Therapy for Skin and Mucosal Cancer (PDT) 2002 2002/10 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
Advanced Breast Biopsy Instrumentation (ABBI) 2002 2002/09 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
The Benefit of Population Screening for Breast Cancer With Mammography 2002 2002/08 GR, The Netherlands INAHTA Brief
Patient's Bedside Biological Analyzer 2002 2002/07 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Intracoronary Brachytherapy 2002 2002/06 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Glycemic Holter 2002 2002/05 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
DNA Chips: Analysis Systems of DNA Sequence Variations 2002 2002/04 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Ventilation in Operating Theatres 2002 2002/03 NOKC, Norway INAHTA Brief
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Depression 2002 2002/02 NOKC, Norway INAHTA Brief
Mild Head Injury - Observation or CT-scanning? 2002 2002/01 SBU, Sweden INAHTA Brief
INAHTA Briefs Compilation Volume 2 2002 2002 INAHTA Briefs compilation
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2001 2001/38 AQuAS, Spain INAHTA Brief
Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Safety of Sacral Neuromodulation in the Treatment of Urinary Incontinence 2001 2001/37 AQuAS, Spain INAHTA Brief
Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer 2001 2001/36 AQuAS, Spain INAHTA Brief
Brachytherapy Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer 2001 2001/35 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Population Screening for Colorectal Cancer 2001 2001/34 GR, The Netherlands INAHTA Brief
Low-end Scanners 2001 2001/33 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Psychosocial Aspects of Ultrasound Examinations During Pregnancy 2001 2001/32 INAHTA Brief

1823 Publications Found.