HTAi Annual Meeting 2018 - Registration now open

"Strengthening the Evidence-to-Action Connection" is the theme of the 2018 HTAi Annual Meeting to be held 1-5 June 2018 in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Join INAHTA members at this world-class event to share and learn with the global HTA community about:

  •     how HTA needs to change its approach to generating, synthesizing and presenting evidence in order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world;
  •     what is required to enable the implementation of evidence into evidence-informed policies and practices, and
  •     what can be done to strengthen and accelerate the evidence-to-action connection.

Visit conference website for details.
Early bird registration deadline is 31 March 2018

Health Economics Training in 2018

The York Health Economic Consortium has announced the following courses for 2018:
NEW Practical Issues in Producing Network Meta-Analyses for HTAs (20 & 21 February 2018)
v  Introduction to Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (07 March 2018)
v  Economic Evaluation for Oncology (24 April 2018)
v  Making an Economic Case in the NHS (16 May 2018)
v  Early Economic Modelling to Inform Clinical Trial Design and Other Decisions (03 July 2018)
NEW Health Utilities for Economic Models 0(4 July 2018)
v  Identifying Evidence for NICE Economic Submissions (05 September 2018)
v  Understanding and Critiquing Models (13 September 2018)
NEW Economic Modelling Techniques for the NHS & Public Health (20 September 2018)
v  Advanced Search Techniques for Systematic Reviews, Health Technology Assessment & Guideline Development (16 October 2018)
v  Advanced Search Strategy Design for Complex Topics: Strategy Development Text Analytics and Text Mining (17 October 2018)
v  Software Packages to Support the Systematic Review Process (18 October 2018)
All courses are held at the University of York, but we can also deliver courses locally. For further information on these courses please visit our training pages at:

HTA Impact Stories Now Published in Mini-Theme of IJTAHC

INAHTA members' stories of HTA impact are now published in a mini-theme issue of IJTAHC.
View online now


Insights from The Front Lines: A Collection Of Stories Of HTA Impact From INAHTA Member Agencies
Editorial by co-Associate Editors Tara Schuller & Sophie Söderholm Werkö
View slide presentation from HTAi 2017 providing overview of mini-theme papers

Impact of Health Technology Assessment In Litigation Concerning Access To High-Cost Drugs
By Alicia Aleman & Ana Perez Galan

Shaping Quality through Vision, Structure, and Monitoring of Performance and Quality Indicators: Impact Story from the Quebec Trauma Network
By Catherine Truchon, Lynne Moore, Amina Belcaid, Julien Clément, Nathalie Trudelle, Marie-Andrée Ulysse, Benoît Grolleau, Jacinthe Clusiau, Danielle Lévesque & Michèle De Guise

Arthroscopic Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis: Impact of Health Technology Assessment in Germany
By Naomi Fujita-Rohwerder, Alric Rüther &  Stefan Sauerland

Contribution of Stakeholder Engagement to the Impact of a Health Technology Assessment: An Irish Case Study
By Máirín Ryan, Patrick S. Moran, Patricia Harrington, Linda Murphy, Michelle O'neill, Marty Whelan & Conor Teljeur

Implementing Health Technology Assessment-Based Recommendations in Finland: Managed Uptake of Medical Methods
By Sinikka Sihvo, Tuija Ikonen & Marjukka Mäkelä

INAHTA Impact Story: Legislative and Accreditation Requirements For Office-Based Surgery In Australia
By David Tivey, Ning Ma, Joanna Duncan, Yasoba Atukorale, Robyn Lambert & Guy Maddern

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