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The Unit for Health Technology Assessment (ETESA) was established in 1997 in the Ministry of Health of Chile. Currently, The ETESA is part of the Department of Quality and Patient Safety of the Ministry. His goal is to generate assessment reports, technical notes and recommendations based on evidence according to the priorities set by the Ministry of health and also satisfy the needs assessment of the assistance network (hospitals, health services, primary care clinics, etc.).


The unit has three professionals, a medical epidemiologist and clinician, a Documentalist and collaboration of a clinical medical epidemiologist.

As the unit works ETESA.  For the development of products ETESA Unit generates its recommendations based on the analysis of the respective systematically searched and then sought the opinion of experts, specialists and other actors in the system for the generation of final reports.

Dissemination Activities

ETESA unit kept up to date the publication of reports and other through the website of the Ministry of Health of Chile and develops training activities for the Care Network.

Projects Under Development

  •  Review of effective strategies for patient safety.
  •  Using protocol Sedo-analgesia in adult critically ill patient.
  •  Recommendations on control of the environment and requirements for immunocompromised patients.

Future Plans

  •  Generating reports for the accreditation process of healthfacilities.
  •  Apply to fund national and international research.
  •  Training of national teams in Health Technology Assessment.
  •  Participation in Andean Cooperation Network (Convenio Hipólito Unánue) in Health Technology Assessment.
  •  Responding to queries from the network of care.

Agency Information


Country: Chile
Description of population served: National, netwok of health services (hospitals, clinics, primary health care, national health funds).
Population served (mil): 16
Current HTA budget (mil USD): 0,010
Permanent staff: 2
Consultants: Expert panel
Ongoing TA projects: 3

Contact Information

Contact person: Marianela Castillo Riquelme

Department of Quality and Patient Safety of the Ministry Health of Chile
Health Technology Assesssment Unit
Mac Iver 541
Fourth Floor. 42 Office
 Santiago Chile

Tel: +56 2 574 0567
Fax: +56 2 574 0339