INAHTA welcomes NICE, UK as our newest member!

The INAHTA Board is pleased to announce that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the United Kingdom is the newest member of INAHTA.

Welcome, NICE!

An international joint task group is proposing an updated definition of HTA that consolidates and simplifies the various definitions in existence and which reflects the current and emerging realities of HTA.  Along with the co-chairs Dr. Brian O’Rourke (INAHTA) and Dr. Wija Oortwijn (HTAi), the joint task group includes representatives from WHO, EUnetHTA, HTAsiaLink, RedETSA, the English Editorial Board of the HTA Glossary, and ISPOR.  The group has followed a consensus-building process to develop the proposed updated definition and they are now inviting input from the HTA community to build broad consensus on the updated definition.

Further information and instructions on how to provide comments is provided in this Call for Consultation HTA Definition Update_Open Consultation with HTA Community.

The deadline for comments is 30 April 2019. 

The Nominations Committee is pleased to announce that four candidates have been nominated for the two director vacancies on the INAHTA Board of Directors this year.  The nominees are:

  • Juan Antonio Blasco Amaro, AETSA, Spain
  • Chantal Guilhaume, HAS, France
  • Grace Li Ying Huang, CDE, Taiwan, Republic of China
  • David Tivey, ASERNIP-S, Australia

INAHTA members are invited to view the candidate profiles in the members area (login required) in preparation for voting.  Polls will be open 1-15 April 2019.

INAHTA members are invited to become nominees for the 2019 INAHTA Board elections. This year, there are two Director positions available.
The deadline for nominations is 4 March 2019 at 23:59 GMT.
For more information, INAHTA members can refer to this page (login required).

INAHTA members are invited to register for the annual INAHTA Congress, to be held 19-20 June 2019 in Cologne and Koblenz, Germany.

More information available in the members area here (login required).

FLC 3.0 has been released by the Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment.  This web application allows for the analysis of the quality and reliability of scientific studies and is available in Spanish ( and English ( The German and French versions will be also offered as soon as the ongoing translations will be available.

Visit the FLC 3.0 website for more information. 


INAHTA is pleased to announce that  two official INAHTA sessions will be delivered at the HTAi Annual Meeting in Cologne, 12-15 June 2019.  The sessions are:

–> INAHTA Panel: "Keep Calm and Carry On: INAHTA Members' Views on Planning for Potentially Disruptive Technologies".  Moderator:  Ken Bond (IHE).  Presenters: Claudia Wild (LBI-HTA), Grace Huang (CDE), Michelle Mujoomdar (CADTH), Rossella Di Bidino (UVT-Gemelli), Susanna Axelson (SBU).

–> INAHTA Workshop:  "Health Economics 101: Everyone's an Economist, They Just Don't Know It".  Moderator:  Matthias Perleth (G-BA).  Facilitators: Jeff Round and Gareth Hopkins (IHE), Pia Johansson (SBU).

Additionally, two joint task groups convened and led by INAHTA have had abstracts accepted as well for the HTAi conference:
Joint task group with INAHTA and G-I-N:  "GINAHTA: A Global effort to strengthen the synergy between HTA and clinical practice guidelines".
Joint task group with INAHTA, EUnetHTA, RedETSA and HTAsiaLink:  "HTA Agency Collaboration in the Use of Real World Evidence"

These sessions are just a few of the many sessions that will include INAHTA members at the conference this coming year.  Join us at HTAi 2019!

Dr. Sophie Söderholm Werkö, INAHTA Board Chair, Dr. Mouna Jameleddine, INAHTA Board Director, and Dr Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea (Osteba) participated in panel discussions at the Second Regional Health Technology Assessment Policy Forum in Dubai on 17-18 September 2018.

7th ISPOR South Africa Chapter Conference to be held 17-18 September 2018 in Johannesburg, SA

Topic:  Universal Access to Health: The Role of HTA and HEOR

ISPOR SA Chapter Conference 2018 Flyer 2018 08 13

ISPOR SA Chapter Conference 2018 Flyer Short Course

 ISPOR South Africa Chapter Conference 2018 Registration Form



19-21 February 2019
Evaluation of Medical Devices for Product Development and Health Technology Assessment

This 3-day course offered by the York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) and the Department of Health Sciences and the Centre for Health Economics, UK provides a comprehensive overview of key issues associated with medical devices clinical and economic evaluation and the creative alternative methods available to robustly evaluate them. It is aimed at medical device developers, manufacturers, regulators, healthcare practitioners, analysts, consultants, and health technology assessors interested in optimising the evidence generation processes aimed at informing key decisions they are faced with throughout the full development and evaluation pathway of medical devices.

For more information on course content or how to book, please visit: