Dr. François Meyer

INAHTA Director (2014-2016)
HAS, France


My motivation for being involved in INAHTA as a Director results from my engagement, as part of my activities at HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé, French National Authority for Health) in cooperative actions between HTA bodies. Firstly within the European network for HTA (EUnetHTA), of which my institution is a founding member. Also at an international level within HTAi, as a member since 2006, and as a Director (2012-2014). As a result of the growing importance of international activities at HAS and of my personal interest in this field, I am now fully dedicated to international activities. This has given me the opportunity to engage, in addition to EUnetHTA and HTAi, in some bilateral or multilateral exchanges with colleagues from various countries, notably in Eastern Europe and Asia. I had also fruitful exchanges with colleagues from Canada and am currently learning Spanish to facilitate exchanges with Spanish speaking countries in the future. My participation in these exchanges made me feel necessary for my institution and for me personally, to be more involved in INAHTA activities. My perception of the role of INAHTA is that it has a unique opportunity, as the global network of HTA agencies, to organize and optimize more and more fruitful exchanges and cooperative work between HTA agencies over the world. The important development of HTA in all regions of the world over recent years makes this networking more and more necessary and useful for all involved parties. Working together within INAHTA, developing its synergies with HTAi and regional networks, is a necessity and an opportunity we should not miss. I am proud and happy to be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of INAHTA actions over the next years.

François has been a member of the Board for the following terms: Director 2014-2016.