Mr. Christoph Künzli

INAHTA Board Director (2016 – 2018)
MTU-SFOPH, Switzerland


I see INAHTA’s future as a strong, independent Network of Agencies that have an officially recognized role in relation to a regional or national government, are non-profit and at least 50% publicly funded in order to distinguish ourselves clearly from other networks / institutions. INAHTA shall continue to be open for all kind of collaborations beneficial to our network and to members.

In my view, INAHTA will have to face several challenges in the future like:

  • To be more ambitious, and take a greater leadership role
  • Identify topics of pertinent interest to our members and start very focused activities in these areas
  • Identify different needs of members being at different development stage and build a good value proposition for ALL or at least most of the members
  • How to steer our membership growth without getting too big and inflexible?

These are just some of the issues that will come up inevitably in the future and – based on the large networking experience acquired over the last fifteen years – I will be more than happy to contribute to bring them to solutions that hopefully will satisfy most of us.

Christoph is a member of the Board for the following term: Treasurer 2014-2016.