Dr. Grace Li Ying Huang

INAHTA Board Director (2016-2018)
CDE, Taiwan, Republic of China


Taiwan CDE has been a member of INAHTA since 2008. It is a non-profit organization, the HTA division tasked with providing assistance to the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) in the following areas: assessment of new drugs, medical devices, and health services for the reimbursement decision
making. As Taiwan claims the impressive achievement of an effective well-managed universal health insurance program for its population of 23 million. My vision for the INAHTA is as a platform for the networking of information as well as the reduction of duplications of effort. It can also serve as an effective
channel for the sharing of best practices to support evidence-based decisionmaking. In the role of director of the board of the INAHTA, I hope to share the experience the CDE/HTA with other developing countries. It is my goal to work to proactively to enhance health technology assessment through a variety of international projects, and widen the reach of the INAHTA.