Anderson Chuck, PhD

INAHTA Board Director 2016-2018
IHE, Canada


The needs of healthcare systems and their decision makers are constantly evolving and the HTA community always has and will have to continue to adapt to these needs. I see HTA making a major contribution to more sustainable healthcare systems by making use of the tools/ methodologies/knowledge of the HTA community to be applied also to healthcare system management challenges in not only adopting the right technology at the right time but also provide the evidence for where and when different technologies ought to be used in the clinical pathways for different diseases and disorders. The aim is to maximize value of both established and new technologies in healthcare. Another vision is to make use of the methodological tools imbedded in HTA in several other areas of health besides healthcare. Expanding the field of HTA into public health and prevention is a key strategy given that many health challenges and their solutions require multi-sector policies.

I wish to serve on the INHATA board of directors to:

  • Provide perspective on the areas of future opportunities for INAHTA and its value to member agencies and the HTA community.
  • To promote INAHTA in terms of partnerships, initiatives and overall value for member agencies.
  • Broaden the reach of INAHTA activities and their uptake.