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1950 Publications Found.
Name Year Issue Agency Type
Systematic Review of Intraoperative Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer 2003 2003/21 ASERNIP-S, Australia INAHTA Brief
Multifocal Multichannel Objective Perimetry, November 2002 2003 2003/36 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration 2002 2002/90 AQuAS, Spain INAHTA Brief
The Efficacy of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Adults with Functional Dyspepsia 2002 2002/86 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Infliximab for the Treatment of Crohn's Disease: A Systematic Review and Cost-Utility Analysis 2002 2002/88 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Monitoring Blood Glucose Control in Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review 2002 2002/54 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
Photodynamic Therapy With Verteporfin (PDT-V) for Age-related Macular Degeneration 2002 2002/34 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
The Clinical Effectiveness and Cost effectiveness of Surgery for People with Morbid Obesity: A Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation 2002 2002/75 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
Home Treatment for Mental Health Problems: A Systematic Review 2002 2002/53 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
Conformal Radiotherapy 2002 2002/27 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
Hospitalization for Internal Radiotherapy 2002 2002/31 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Samarium153-lexidronam (SML) for Bone Pain due to Skeletal Metastases 2002 2002/38 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
The Clinical Effectiveness of Trastuzumab for Breast Cancer 2002 2002/59 NETSCC, United Kingdom INAHTA Brief
Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer 2002 2002/69 NOKC, Norway INAHTA Brief
Hepatitis C (HCV) Viral Load Testing 2002 2002/16 MSAC, Australia INAHTA Brief
New Fluoroquinolones in Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Clinical and Economic Evaluation 2002 2002/84 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Treatment of Inoperable Advanced Non-small-cell Lung Cancer: Regimens with or without Taxane 2002 2002/95 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
Oseltamivir for the Treatment of Suspected Influenza: A Clinical and Economic Assessment 2002 2002/85 CADTH, Canada INAHTA Brief
DNA Chips: Analysis Systems of DNA Sequence Variations 2002 2002/04 CEDIT, France INAHTA Brief
Predictive Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast and Colorectal Cancer 2002 2002/33 ITA, Austria INAHTA Brief

1950 Publications Found.